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A free tool to make developer feedback effortless and insightful: DX by Axolo


We've been working with developers for more than 2 years now. We started Axolo as a way to help developer reduce code review fatigue and give reviewers a tool to help them review faster.

Everyday, we're learning more about what developers think is a great environment to work, and today we want to give them a voice to improve how their company shape their work environment with our latest free product: DX by Axolo.

Give your developers a voice

Engineering managers lack key insights into their team's work environment. The main three points we want to help managers with are:

  • How can I identify our team's bottleneck?
  • How to make sure everyone is aligned?
  • How can I help my team be more productive?

DX by Axolo is designed to be a free tool to help developers share what they think is working great, and what need to be improved at work.

Receive regular feedback effortlessly

DX by Axolo sends weekly survey to your team

Each sequence is focused on a specific engineering theme (code review, engineering processes, testing, company organization) to make your developer feedback insightful.


It takes less than 5 minutes to complete a sequence

As we designed each weekly sequence on a specific theme, developers won't loose their time answering a multitude of questions. One sequence is only composed of questions on the same topic.


As we believe in transparency, after completion, everyone has access to the results

We believe that transparency is the beginning of creating a productive and collaborative work environment. That's why every member of your team can see how their responses contribute to a larger understanding of what drives satisfaction and success.


Try it for free

We designed DX by Axolo to be:

  • free for everyone, not matter the size,
  • quick and effortless, so that your team can focus on what matters,
  • insightful, so that you can make the right decisions for your team.

You can install DX by Axolo on your team's Slack workspace in less than 5 minutes from our landing page. We are excited to hear your feedback and help you improve your team's work environment. Please, let us know what you think!