Make the best of Axolo

Here is a list of recommandations to make the best of Axolo. We recommend you to share this with your team so that everyone is on the same page.

Here is a summary of them all:

Set up your notificationsTo focus while working
Slack sectionsTo find your PR Channels easily
Axolo timeslotsTo only get notified when you want to
Auto-leave when a reviewer approvesClear out your channel inbox with this option
Set up team channelsHave a high-level view of your team
Configure Slack to show media filesSee those screenshots directly in your channels

Set up your notifications

  1. turn off email notifications from GitHub or GitLab (disable the Global notification level),

  2. set up Slack notifications for Direct messages, mentions & keywords or Nothing. Being notified for every message disturbs your work.

Set up Slack notif

How to use Slack sections

As Slack does not provide any way to handle sections in its API, Axolo can't manage your channels in sections, but we have a solution!

We recommend to clean the default Channels section from any non-Axolo channels. That way, all your Axolo channels will automatically be created in this default section and won't be mixed up with the rest of your environment.

Axolo channel management

How to use Axolo timeslots

Axolo's timeslots are meant to preserve developer's focus. By creating timeslots from the Axolo home in Slack, each time someone request a review from you, you will only be invited right away if the time is within one of your timeslot, or at the beginning or the next timeframe.

Invite later notification
Axolo timeslots for code review

Auto-leave when a reviewer approves

If your admin enables the auto-leave feature, you will automatically leave a pull request channel 20 seconds after approving it (only available on GitHub for now).

Automatic leave code review channels

Set up team channels

If your engineering team is divided in squads and you're interested in using the Axolo general channel feature, we recommend to enable team-specific channels for each of your squad. That way, new PR/MR will create a notification only in their corresponding squads without notifying people that should not.

Configure Slack to show media files

By default, Slack does not show file larger than 2MB. You can change this setting in your parameters.

Slack file setting

Do you think we're missing something that you implemented in your team? Please tell us in the chat!