The settings are accessible as soon as you login on


Auto archive Slack Channels

If 'Auto Channel Archiver' is on, every pull request that your team will close or merge will automatically archive the corresponding channel in Slack.

Repository name in Slack channel title

Pull request channel titles are created as follows: _pr_pullrequestitle. If enabled, they will be created as: _pr_repositoryname_pullrequestitle.

Pull request status in channel titles

If enabled, they Slack channels will be created as: _pr_status_pullrequestitle. For example: _pr_draft_authentication_onboarding.

Receive a summary of pull request checks

When all checks have finished, Axolo will send a recap in each PR channel if enabled.

pull request checks in slack

Daily reminder for stale pull requests

Program Axolo to send daily reminders to stale pull requests. You can decide the amount of time since the pull request was not updated before sending a reminder.

select reminders

_axolo channel

General notification when a new pull request is opened

We automatically create a notification in a general channel in order to react upon any pull request change. Is your pull request still WIP 🔧, awaiting a review 🙏 or merged ✅?

pull request general notification in slack

Personalize your emoji reactions

Choose your own emoji reaction for each pull request status.


Dedicated _axolo_deployments channel for deployment notifications

Axolo will open a dedicated _axolo_deployments channel for deployment notifications.

Select Deployment status to send in Slack

Select specific deployment status that you want to receive (ex: only receiving failed deployment in Slack would be unselecting "success").