Frequently asked questions

Do you have access to my company's code?
Axolo does not have access to your code! We only require scopes related to discussions, issues and meta data around pull requests.
Can I integrate Axolo with multiple Github organizations?
Axolo Beta does not support multiple Github organizations for now. If you need to install Axolo with different organizations, please reach out to our team.
How to install Axolo?
You need access to Slack and Github organization. Signup and follow the instructions that Sydney is presenting below (shouldn't take you more than 3 minutes):
How does communication works around PR?
Every time you open a pull request, Axolo will create a temporary Slack channel where all participants will be invited. Code comments, issues and messages are synced together.
restricted_action detected upon onboarding
The 'restricted_action' Slack warning means that your organization does not grant Bots the authorization to create Slack Channels.
To grant Axolo channel write authorization: go in your Slack settings (click here) and under 'People who can create public channels' & 'archive channels' select 'Everyone, except guests'.