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What is ApproveMan about?

Automatic pull request approval for changes in safe locations. ApproveMan is a Code review application available in the GitHub marketplace.

Receive ApproveMan in Slack

Stop checking your email or your GitHub notifications. Axolo sends the notifications from ApproveMan in the corresponding pull request channel in Slack.

ApproveMan integration with Axolo

Axolo is a productivity app for engineering teams. We open one ephemeral channel for each of your pull request in order to improve engineers collaboration during code reviews.

What are ApproveMan features in GitHub?

To check code into protected branches, reviews are often required. However, to allow fast iteration on early-stage experiments, we want to configure user-owned safe locations, for example, playground/${github_username}/**, that are exempted from the review policies. ApproveMan identifies pull requests that only modify files in user-defined safe locations and automatically approves them. Motivation To maintain the health of repositories, it's important to set up review policies for protected branches. However, not all pull requests require human attention. For example, it's reasonable for a repository to set up a safe location like [project_root]/playground/${github_username} to allow developers quickly iterate on experiments. Usage You can configure the behavior by adding rules into .github/approveman.yml: ownership_rules: directory_matching_rules: - name: personal projects in experimental path: playground/{{username}}/**/* - name: personal documentation path: docs/personal/{{username}}/**/* Note: The default config contains playground/{{username}}/**/* if no config file is provided in the repository. All pull requests that modify files within .github the directory is denied regardless of the rules in the configuration for safety.

Learn more about ApproveMan on the GitHub marketplace.

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