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Improve your Continuous Integrations processes with the Cirrus CI integration!

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What is Cirrus CI about?

Enjoy unlimited concurrency for fast and secure development cycle. Cirrus CI is a Continuous Integration application available in the GitHub marketplace.

Receive Cirrus CI in Slack

Stop checking your email or your GitHub notifications. Axolo sends the notifications from Cirrus CI in the corresponding pull request channel in Slack.

Cirrus CI integration with Axolo

Axolo is a productivity app for engineering teams. We open one ephemeral channel for each of your pull request in order to improve engineers collaboration during code reviews.

What are Cirrus CI features in GitHub?

Cirrus CI makes your development cycle fast, efficient, and secure by leveraging modern cloud technologies. Cirrus CI scales with your team and makes shipping software faster and cheaper. Flexible Build Execution Environment 📦 Cirrus CI allows to use any Docker or Virtual Machine images as an environment to execute builds for your repositories. No need to wait for anyone to upgrade a version of a library in CI environment. Choose your own environment! Speed ⚡️ It usually takes a few hundred milliseconds from the moment a change is pushed to GitHub to the moment your build is executing inside of a Docker container. Innovative Pricing Model 💰 Free for OSS 0️⃣ Affordable for personal use ☕️☕️ per-second billing for others ⏱ Simplicity 🍳 Even very complex builds can be configured via readable and concise configuration format. Transparency AKA No Magic 🕵🏻 Cirrus CI is built on simple principles and tries to enforce simplicity. No magic is happening under the hood for your builds. What is configured in .cirrus.yml file is what's happening during a build.
Learn more about Cirrus CI on the GitHub marketplace.
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They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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