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Improve your code review processes with the Dpulls integration!

Code review
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What is Dpulls about?

Mark a pull request as depending on another. Dpulls is a Code review application available in the GitHub marketplace.

Receive Dpulls in Slack

Stop checking your email or your GitHub notifications. Axolo sends the notifications from Dpulls in the corresponding pull request channel in Slack.

Dpulls integration with Axolo

Axolo is a productivity app for engineering teams. We open one ephemeral channel for each of your pull request in order to improve engineers collaboration during code reviews.

What are Dpulls features in GitHub?

Ever wrote "Depends on" on a PR ? If you often find yourself splitting a large PR into smaller chain of dependent PRs (stacked PRs) or if it is common for a you to have a single change that spans several other pull requests spread out across multiple projects, and if the order in which they are merged is significant, then Dpulls is for you. No more wrong merges ! With Dpulls, you make sure your pull requests won't be merged in the wrong order ( Dependent pull requests wont't be mergeable until all dependency pull requests get merged first ). This is particulary helpful in large organizations where many people work on several interdependent projects and where communication can be more difficult. Dpulls lets you regain control over your PRs and gives your developers the visibility they need to avoid any acccidental merge ! Features Nested dependencies Cross-repository support Cross-organization support Conditional merge...
Learn more about Dpulls on the GitHub marketplace.
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They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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