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Improve your Continuous Integrations processes with the TestRecall integration!

Continuous integration

What is TestRecall about?

Analytics for your test suites. Use data to dive insight for your testing strategy,. TestRecall is a Continuous Integration application available in the GitHub marketplace.

Receive TestRecall in Slack

Stop checking your email or your GitHub notifications. Axolo sends the notifications from TestRecall in the corresponding pull request channel in Slack.

TestRecall integration with Axolo

Axolo is a productivity app for engineering teams. We open one ephemeral channel for each of your pull request in order to improve engineers collaboration during code reviews.

What are TestRecall features in GitHub?

Analytics for your tests Use data to dive insight for your testing strategy, accelerate velocity and visibility with reports on testing trends. Draw insights out of your test suites. TestRecall aggregates historical test data into easy-to-understand insights and reports, to help make engineering teams more successful. Debug your development processes with objective data. Identify bottlenecks, compare trends, and keep a pulse on the health of your software teams Eliminate guesswork and disruptions Managing large test suites is hard. The volume of activity is overwhelming. Investigating random failures take up valuable time. TestRecall provides a single view of your tests. Find trends Better understand your software testing trends. Add a layer of objective data to your project. Is stability increasing over time? What gets measured gets managed. What was the impact of that new feature? Did our new CI/CD tooling speed up delivery? Answer questions with TestRecall.
Learn more about TestRecall on the GitHub marketplace.
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