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AvatarLoginCompanyLocationBioPubic ReposFollowers
sindresorhus GitHub avatar
sindresorhusFull-Time Open-Sourcerer. Focuses on Swift & JavaScript. Makes macOS apps, CLI tools, npm packages. Likes unicorns.106455091
kamranahmedse GitHub avatar
kamranahmedseroadmap.shUnited KingdomLover of all things web and opensource. Coding and writing stuff for humans™. Building roadmap.sh9227254
donnemartin GitHub avatar
donnemartin@facebookWashington, D.C.Tech Lead @facebook2717931
996icu GitHub avatar
jwasham GitHub avatar
jwashamUnited StatesSoftware Development Engineer at Amazon3119672
bors GitHub avatar
borsBot managed by the @rust-lang infrastructure team.42303
kroitor GitHub avatar
kroitor@ccxtLead fullstack developer with 20+ years of experience in IT412773
swift-ci GitHub avatar
swift-ciSwift Docs:42335
michaelni GitHub avatar
alexey-milovidov GitHub avatar
alexey-milovidovClickHouseAmsterdam, NetherlandsClickHouse co-founder and CTO68924
gitster GitHub avatar
gitsterGoogleMountain View, CA83487
fabpot GitHub avatar
fabpotSymfony/, FranceCEO at Symfony, CPO at 7212886
akien-mga GitHub avatar
akien-mga@godotengineCopenhagen, DenmarkDeveloper passionate about free/libre software, the Linux ecosystem, and game development. @godotengine maintainer, Mageia packager.190835
taylorotwell GitHub avatar
taylorotwellLaravelLittle Rock, ARCreator of @laravel.2828332
k8s-ci-robot GitHub avatar
k8s-ci-robotThe CloudI run your tests, add your labels, and merge your code.2533
mrdoob GitHub avatar
serge-rider GitHub avatar
serge-riderDBeaver CorpSPb/NYC16310
bagder GitHub avatar
bagder@wolfSSL the curl factory, SwedenNetwork code and protocols. Debugging and standards. I don't know anything. I work on @curl, employed by @wolfSSL. GitHub star.445118
brammool GitHub avatar
brammoolZimbu LabsTenerife, SpainAuthor of Vim, A-a-p and Zimbu.22156
awesomekling GitHub avatar
awesomeklingSwedenBuilding a new OS, browser and language with the help of friends around the world :^)153208
josevalim GitHub avatar
josevalim@dashbitco Kraków, PolandChief Adoption Officer at @dashbitco and @livebook-dev. Creator of @elixir-lang. 2313672
snicoll GitHub avatar
snicollVMware, Inc.Liège, BelgiumStéphane works on Spring Boot, Spring Framework & at VMware.1931927
photonstorm GitHub avatar
photonstormPhoton Storm LtdUKFull time HTML5 Game Developer and creator of Phaser, Atari otaku, Retro Gaming Geek, child of the 80s, demoscener, anime and pixel art fan.513238
wilkinsona GitHub avatar
nicolas-grekas GitHub avatar
nicolas-grekas@SymfonyCorpParis, FranceSubmitting features and bug(fixes) @symfony, to make it always faster, easier to use and better designed, uncompromising. @ESPCI_Alumni engineer.931751
shilman GitHub avatar
shilmanLab80San Francisco / Taipei111670
dstftw GitHub avatar
kripken GitHub avatar
jgm GitHub avatar
jgmBerkeley, CA922403
MikeMcQuaid GitHub avatar
MikeMcQuaid@GitHubEdinburgh, Scotland@Homebrew project leader. @raisedevs CTO. Git in Practice author. Ex-@github. Rude people blocker. Don't email me about Homebrew issues, please!353418
kevinsawicki GitHub avatar
kevinsawickiGitHub Inc.Sammamish, WA2014770
bpasero GitHub avatar
bpaseroMicrosoftZurich, SwitzerlandI am a software engineer at Microsoft in Zurich, Switzerland since 2011. Our team started VS Code when it was still called Monaco.1181836
dzaporozhets GitHub avatar
dzaporozhetsEuropeRuby developer 🚀111463
dcramer GitHub avatar
dcramerSentrySan Francisco, CAfounder/cto @getsentry2112484
renovate-bot GitHub avatar
renovate-bot@mendMend Renovate is a bot to keep dependencies up-to-date using Pull Requests. To install:
yyx990803 GitHub avatar
gvanrossum GitHub avatar
gvanrossumMicrosoftSan Francisco Bay Area2519669
mitchellh GitHub avatar
mitchellhHashiCorpLos Angeles, CA13610878
john-preston GitHub avatar
john-prestonTelegram Messenger131197
xmatthias GitHub avatar
jacknagel GitHub avatar
jacknagelTampa, FL4151
vkarpov15 GitHub avatar
vkarpov15Miami Beach, FLWeb developer, blogger, author1511606
sokra GitHub avatar
sokra@vercelGermanyAuthor of webpack1248387
afc163 GitHub avatar
afc163AlipayHangzhou, ChinaLife is a box of chaos2476608
guanshengliang GitHub avatar
LukePulverenti GitHub avatar
jrieken GitHub avatar
jriekenMicrosoftSwitzerlandVS Code!69641
dstogov GitHub avatar
dstogovZend by PerforceRussia171255
andrewrk GitHub avatar
andrewrk@ziglang Portland, OregonLead developer & president of Zig Software Foundation2054353
gorhill GitHub avatar
gorhillCanada / Québec_243670
JeffBezanson GitHub avatar
JeffBezansonMITCambridge, MA681227
torkelo GitHub avatar
torkeloGrafana LabsStockholmGrafana Labs Co-Founder, Grafana Creator & product manager & lead architect. 82981
zcbenz GitHub avatar
srh GitHub avatar
srhSan Diego, CAproglang, databases, dist sys15142
mdo GitHub avatar
mdoSan Francisco, CADesigner, developer, and advisor. Creator of Bootstrap (@twbs). Previously @github and @twitter. Huge nerd.3222342
DougGregor GitHub avatar
freearhey GitHub avatar
ndelangen GitHub avatar
ndelangenChroma SoftwareNetherlands¯\_(ツ)_/¯158551
ctiller GitHub avatar
ctiller@google 24275
nikic GitHub avatar
nikicRed HatBerlin, Germany985856
alexdima GitHub avatar
alexdima@microsoft 29910
KrauseFx GitHub avatar
KrauseFxVienna, AustriaProfessional iOS Code Signing Issue Resolver - Developer of @fastlane (previously @google @twitter @Root-App)1384702
Seldaek GitHub avatar
SeldaekPackagistZürich, Zurich, Switzerland Working on and - @composer lead - OSS wishlist: 2544297
rstoenescu GitHub avatar
rstoenescu@quasarframework Opensource developer • Creator & team lead of Quasar Framework281207
slavapestov GitHub avatar
weltling GitHub avatar
weltling@Microsoft 16368
joaomoreno GitHub avatar
joaomorenoMicrosoftZurich, SwitzerlandMaking tools at @microsoft155981
dacap GitHub avatar
dacapIgara StudioArgentinaProgrammer 🐱138682
DarienRaymond GitHub avatar
balloob GitHub avatar
balloob@home-assistant, @nabucasaBrooklynFounder @home-assistant, @NabuCasa1502163
fzaninotto GitHub avatar
fzaninotto@marmelab Nancy, FranceOpen-source software enthusiast, React.js, Node.js and PHP expert, Lean & Agile management practicioner, Leadership & motivation experimenter, CEO @marmelab444119
stamparm GitHub avatar
stamparmZagreb, Croatia74 -> EB242250
alalek GitHub avatar
alalekNizhny Novgorod, Russia20439
rafaelfranca GitHub avatar
rafaelfrancaShopifyOttawa, ON1672919
winlinvip GitHub avatar
winlinvip@ossrs Beijing, ChinaIt's not the best, but good enough.3441092
mjbvz GitHub avatar
chenjiahan GitHub avatar
chenjiahanByteDance Hangzhou, ChinaAuthor of Vant. Working at ByteDance, Ex Meituan/Youzan.631054
phihag GitHub avatar
Tyriar GitHub avatar
Tyriar@MicrosoftBothell, WABuilding VS Code, @xtermjs and @lunapaint 🦘1571786
laanwj GitHub avatar
kamilmysliwiec GitHub avatar
kamilmysliwiec@nestjs PolandCreator of @nestjs. Co-Founder of @TrilonIO. @google Developer Expert. Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. OpenSource (OSS) enthusiast.435836
rsc GitHub avatar
rscGoogleCambridge, MAGo Hacker. Mistake maker. (he/him)1348342
nicm GitHub avatar
sandy081 GitHub avatar
sandy081MicrosoftZurich, Switzerland85441
brian-mann GitHub avatar
brian-mannAtlanta, GA59649
antirez GitHub avatar
antirezRedis LabsCatania, Sicily, ItalyComputer programmer based in Sicily, Italy. I mostly write OSS software. Born 1977. Not a puritan.6917516
tde-banana-odoo GitHub avatar
tde-banana-odoo@odoo In the atticR&D Marketing Team Leader @odoo 7128
engine-flutter-autoroll GitHub avatar
alesapin GitHub avatar
bunnei GitHub avatar
bunneiSeattle, WAmakes emulators for Nintendo systems, author of citra and yuzu14386
jhoeller GitHub avatar
Rugvip GitHub avatar
Rugvip@SpotifyStockholmEngineer @spotify. Maintainer of @Backstage60217
unknwon GitHub avatar
unknwon@sourcegraphWild kid in the junkyard.3913935
zkochan GitHub avatar
zkochan@teambitUkraineMaintainer of @pnpm2801419
sebmck GitHub avatar
sebmck@rome 384613

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facebook GitHub avatar
facebookMenlo Park, CaliforniaWe are working to build community through open source technology. NB: members must have two-factor auth.13112054
vuejs GitHub avatar
vuejsAll Over the World1207364
tensorflow GitHub avatar
TheAlgorithms GitHub avatar
TheAlgorithmsIndiaOpen Source resource for learning Data Structures & Algorithms and their implementation in any Programming Language4519656
EbookFoundation GitHub avatar
EbookFoundationvirtualMaking the world safe for free ebooks.293875