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Product Update: Auto archive, order upon PR creation and direct contact


The first product update for Axolo

Hey everyone! Thanks for being part of our beta. These are the new features we pushed in production lately:

Configuration words at pull request creation (_noslackchannel)

We enabled specific keywords to give orders to Axolo. You can now ask Axolo not to create Slack channels when you create new pull requests. To make it work, you only need to write _noslackchannel (or _nowarroom) in the initial comment when you create a pull request.

Auto archival when a pull request is closed or merged

As most of our beta users have been asking for the last weeks, we enabled an auto archival feature in Axolo. If you installed Axolo before Wednesday, you can set it up directly at from home.

Talk to us directly through Slack (you need to update Axolo Slack app to make it work)

You can now speak to Sydney & me directly through your Slack. Just say "Hi" to Axolo's bot in your workspace and we'll be around. Product feedback? A feature request? Just ping us in a direct message! If you want to enable this feature, please update the Slack application here.

What are our next priorities? (should be live mid-June)

Setting up Github Action notifications

We're testing this weekend our latest feature for Github Action users. If a workflow concerns a pull request, you'll receive these notifications in its dedicated Slack channel, else you'll receive it in _axolo. As these notifications are pretty new, please provide us with feedback next week if something looks wrong or you're expecting different notifications.

Merge functionality in Slack channel

When a reviewer will accept your pull request, you'll be able to merge it from Slack.

Notification settings for _axolo

You will be able to decide what kind of notification you want to receive in _axolo.

Weekly leaderboard for teams

We're designing the V0 of a leaderboard in your Axolo app. Every engineer will be able to see who does the most code reviews, pull requests, and so on.

Let us know if you have any questions!

All the best, Arthur