Auto Assign Reviewers for GitLab

leverages your CODEOWNERS file in your GitLab project to automate the process of selecting reviewers for merge requests with Axolo.

# Axolo automatically invites 2 developers out of these 5 to review every MR
* @kevin @joshsh @luke @sarah @lea 2

# For MRs that include changes in the src directory,
# Axolo invites 4 reviewers, from teambackend and QA

src/* @teambackend @QA 4

# For MRs that include changes in the src directory,
# Axolo invites two developers from teambackend and 2 from QA
src/* @teambackend 2
src/* @QA 2

# You can write as many commands as you want

No more forgotten review requests

Automate your review requests

You can automate your review requests on GitLab in a few minutes for free. Follow the steps below to get started.

Install the App

Install the Auto Assign Reviewers for GitLab application on your project, and select if Axolo should invite everyone mentionnend in your CODEOWNERS file or only a subset of them.

Update CODEOWNERS files

Update your CODEOWNERS files by adding an integer at the end of each line. The integer represents the number of reviewers you want to assign to merge requests for this line.

Test it!

You can test if Axolo invites your reviewer by opening a new merge request. Axolo will use the account of the person who installed the application for the invites. If you would like to use a different account, please contact us.

Boost your productivity.
Automate your review requests.