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Collaborate on pull requests in single-purpose ephemeral channels

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Merge your PRs 30% faster

Pull requests are merged 30% faster on average with Axolo. No more pull requests that go stale.

Inbox zero for code reviews

As a to-do list of open pull requests, Slack becomes your inbox zero for code reviews.

Bring back focus for engineers

Engineers should only focus on their current development, not their past open pull requests.

Be 10x productive

Each pull request creates an ephemeral Slack channel. Reviewers and assignees are invited and notified with the right information (comments, CI/CD, GitHub Action, deployments, checks) in order to process the pull request in due time.


End context-switching

Handle code reviews from your Slack channels. Every comment from GitHub will be sent to Slack and vice versa. Axolo integrates with your favorite tools and keeps the context in your channels. Connect Axolo to Jira, Sentry, and all your GitHub applications.

GitHub and Slack in total sync with Axolo

Organize your pull requests

All your team's pull requests are displayed in Slack. You can check in seconds if a colleague is awaiting a review or if a pull request goes stale.


Stay alert

Passively receive updates for your deployments, Github Action and checks in their specific channel. Select only the status you'd like to receive (success, error, ...).

Axolo pull request checks

Be focused when you code

Organize your time with code review time slots and let Axolo notifies you only when you're available. Save your development sessions from distractions.

Code review slots in Axolo

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