The new standard for reviewing pull requests

By providing a central location for discussion and ensuring that everyone is informed and engaged in the process, you can help your team to achieve its goals and deliver high-quality results.

1 PR = 1 Channel

Creating a Slack channel for each PR enables teams to handle code reviews seamlessly.

Two-way sync Slack and GitHub

Sync code review discussions in Slack, avoid context- switching.

Daily pull request reminders

Get the right people to act upon your pull request status.

Team Notification Channels

Axolo will send new pull request notifications in team channels and update its content upon different actions such as a reviewer added its review, or the pull request status changed (draft, awaiting review, work in progress, mergeable, ...)

Axolo team-channel notifications

CI/CD Notifications in Slack

Receive your CI/CD automatically and passively in Slack in each pull request channel.


Set up Axolo to send daily PR recaps to specific channels to organize your stand-ups. Use these recaps to keep your team in the loop and accountable.

/axolo for pull requests recaps

Find all your open PRs with one simple command:

  • /axolo open to show all open PRs of your organization,
  • /axolo me for your open PRs,
  • /axolo team to show all PRs from a specific team.

Axolo command

Code review timeslots

Time slots allow developers to specify when they are available for code review.

Been an early user & have not found anything else which comes close to improving our PR workflow. Love the way Axolo helps us maintain sanity across our PR reviews & keeping the entire team on top of what needs their attention. The team listens to the customers & delivers above & beyond!

Akshay Katyal
Head of Engineering @ Backstage

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