Review merge requests in Slackto merge code faster

Improve your code review process by creating an ephemeral channel per merge request.

They are merging merge requests with us everyday

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Review merge requests up to 50% faster

Axolo helps teams merge pull requests faster, increasing productivity. No more worrying about stale pull requests or losing track of colleagues' work.

Axolo has made it easier to hold developers and QA engineers accountable for reviewing and merging pull requests. Our average PR time-to-merge was 2.40 days before Axolo, this has been reduced to 1.51 days after only using it for 2 weeks.


Director of Infrastructure

1 MR = 1 channel

Axolo centralizes the whole merge request conversation inside an ephemeral Slack channel.

Old way

Old way of merge request

Axolo way

The Axolo way

What are the benefits of the 2-way sync?

End context-switching

Handle code reviews from your Slack channels. Every comment from GitLab will be sent to Slack and vice versa. Axolo integrates with your favorite tools and keeps the context in your channels. Connect Axolo to Jira, Sentry, and all your GitLab applications.

GitLab and Slack in total sync with Axolo

Document code review conversations

A single source of truth saves time and energy. Everything that is said is saved everywhere, every time.

Search code comments in Slack

Improve your codebase

Axolo increases engagement in code reviews, which translates into better code quality.

Reactions to comments in Slack

Some of our key features

Daily merge request reminder

Decide when you want your team to be reminded about stale merge requests. Axolo sends daily notifications only if the merge request was not recently reviewed.

Axolo auto reminders

MR CI/CD and pipelines in Slack

Passively receive updates for your CI/CD inside your Slack channels. Axolo will notify you if there is a conflict, or if some CI/CD pipelines don’t go through.

Axolo merge request pipeline notifications

PR recap for efficient stand-ups

Set up Axolo to send daily MR recaps to specific channels to organize your stand-ups. Use these recaps to keep your team in the loop and accountable.

Axolo standup MR recap

Know what your team is working on

With team-specific notifications, Axolo will send new merge request notifications in team channels and update its content upon different actions such as a reviewer added its review, or the MR status changed (draft, awaiting review, work in progress, mergeable, ...)

Axolo team-channel notifications

Stay in flow with code review times

Organize your time with code review time slots and let Axolo notifies you only when you're available. Save your development sessions from distractions and stay focused while you code.

Code review slots in Axolo

Loved by engineering leaders and developers

Proud to be working with high-performing engineering teams

CTO, Sproutfi

Code quality has improved, engineers have a better understanding of what their colleagues are working on, and code is getting shipped much faster. Time from pull request open to review to merge is WAY faster, and engagement with reviews is much higher for our team. Axolo's team is also unbelievably fast in resolving issues when we run into them. Pleasure to work with them.

CTO, Sproutfi
Head of Engineering, Backstage

Been an early user & have not found anything else which comes close to improving our PR workflow. Love the way Axolo helps us maintain sanity across our PR reviews & keeping the entire team on top of what needs their attention. In addition, I love the way the product has evolved over the past few months. The team listens to the customers & delivers above & beyond!

Akshay Katyal
Head of Engineering, Backstage
VP of Engineering, Curebase

Our developers have really enjoyed the increased focus it brings, which is especially important as our team grows. As a fully remote organization using the correct communication tools is vital, and Axolo balances things nicely.

Joe Rowley
VP of Engineering, Curebase
CTO, HeraldAPI

Axolo is an incredible tool for connecting PRs with our everyday engineering discussion on Slack. It integrates seamlessly and makes it so as a manager, I never lose track of my engineers' work. For my engineers, it allows them to discuss and collaborate without losing a thread in different contexts. Overall it keeps us moving swiftly throughout the sprint and continuously reviewing and merging code!

CTO, HeraldAPI
Director of Infrastructure, House Rx

Axolo has made it easier to hold developers and QA engineers accountable for reviewing and merging pull requests on a timely basis. Our average PR time-to-merge was 2.40 days before Axolo, this has been reduced to 1.51 days after only using it for 2 weeks.

Director of Infrastructure, House Rx
CEO, Longshot Systems

GitHub and Slack used to be communication silos for us - discussion about work would exist in one or the other and we'd lose shared context of the work being done. Not any more!

Mark Goodhead
CEO, Longshot Systems
CTO, Lambda Direct

Axolo is an amazing tool that helps to reduce context-switching. Before we installed it, we had to constantly switch between Slack and GitHub to interact with pull requests and provide/receive feedback on them.

CTO, Lambda Direct
CTO, Weekday

We used to send each other our GitHub PR links on Slack to ask for a review. Having Axolo made it a zero-effort thing. Having discussions on Slack is much more natural and Axolo does a great job doing it. The support is amazing as well! Arthur and Sydney proactively reach out to ask if we're facing any issues and even released one feature request within hours!

Anubhav Malik
CTO, Weekday

Axolo is a must-have for teams using GitHub. My team can discuss pull requests without leaving Slack now. Axolo helped us merge pull requests faster in a more seamless way. I was waiting for this product for so long!

CTO, Staqfi

I've been a CTO at various companies for a decade now. One of my biggest pain points has always been PR review responsiveness. I've tried so many home baked solutions. Axolo is the app that solves the problem perfectly.

Dee Evans
CTO, Staqfi
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