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New Axolo application, Axolo Analytics, and many other wonders...


✨ New

  • New Axolo application design!
  • Axolo Analytics v1 is live! If you wish to be part of the early access, please reach out to us through the application.

🔨 Improvements

  • Added days without any information in each Analytics graph.
  • Changed the topic name to follow GitHub information "acoudouy wants to merge into master from actual-dev-branch".
  • Reduced the time to send a review comment from 15 seconds to 0!
  • Added on the Friday cronjob engineers that have an outdated Slack OAuth.
  • Cron job on Axolo analytics to finish onboarding of companies where we hit the rate limit.
  • Blocked reminders on draft pull requests.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fix a bug while tagging non-onboarded engineers in Slack in PR channels.