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PR summary, stand-ups, personalize reminders, and much more...


✨ New

  • Ability to create PR/MR channels right at the end of the onboarding.
  • Ability to create PR/MR channels from a dedicated page in app.axolo.co.
Axolo Manual Open Channels
  • You can now personalize your PR/MR reminders.
Reminder personalization for pull requests
  • Enabled emoji reactions in team-specific channels for GitLab users.
Team channel notification
  • Ask Axolo to send you a PR summary with the /axolo command.
    1. /axolo open to show all open PRs of your organization,
    2. /axolo me for your open PRs,
    3. /axolo team [specific-team] to show all PRs from a specific team.
Axolo command for a pull request summary
  • Ask Axolo to send you a daily PR summary to organize stand-up with our stand-up feature.
Axolo pull request summary for stand-ups

πŸ”¨ Improvements

  • For team channels: you can choose to deactivate Axolo or archive the channel altogether.
  • Added emoji for the check bookmark (βœ…βŒπŸ”„).
  • Creating a new view for Axolo Home in Slack and for the /axolo command used by organizations with private PR channels (using PR titles instead of Slack channel links).

🐞 Fixes

  • Reviewers were not invited when using the manual open channel tool from app.axolo.co.
  • Gitlab: allows import of teams from subgroups. This enables GitLab users to have team channels.
  • GitHub code snippets were a bit out of hand, it’s now showing the correct code location.
  • Solved a bug where the GitLab OAuth was being updated on the organization and not on the admin user. This would cause Axolo not to archive channels or sometimes not create any.
  • On GitHub, pasted images from code review comments weren’t showing nicely on Slack, this has been resolved, thanks to Adar.
  • Solved an error where Axolo was mixing two pull requests from different repositories of the same organization because of identical branch names.
  • Solved an error that prevented PR checks to be sent to specific organizations.

πŸ“– Documentation

  • Added GitLab to our documentation.
  • Changed the Setting section architecture completely to follow the app settings.