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GitHub Enterprise Server, Linear integration, awesome improvements and exciting bug fixes...


✨ New

  • GitHub Enterprise Server is live (self-hosted instance of GitHub)
  • Workflow to auto-leave a channel after approving a merge request in GitLab is live
  • Linear integration: Axolo adds a bookmar to the Linear issue in PR channels
  • During the trial period, Axolo will open PR channel for not onboarded author if at least one reviewer is onboarded on Axolo

🔨 Improvements

  • We added a button to redirect to app.axolo.co from the Axolo Home in Slack
  • User can now self onboard from logging in from app.axolo.co
  • Standup triggers same day notification from now on too (it was only working for the next day)


  • When suspending a company on GitLab, we revoke its token
  • Axolo was still opening MRs for inactive account in GitLab
  • Axolo tells users whenever we get a 401 from GitLab and ask to re-sign in


  • Automatically ask to renew Slack OAuth if we have an outdated or revoked token

🐞 Fixes

  • Fix bug where new Business users would be assigned to a Professional plan
  • Fix GitLab assignees that were not invited in MR channels
  • Fix bug with quote and new line from Slack where GitHub and GitLab did not understand that the new line was not within the code fence
  • Creating new channels from app.axolo.co was not sending a notification in Axolo team channels (and _axolo)