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Axolo changelog - July/August 2023


✨ NEW:

  • Enabling a feedback system for code review assistant (beta)
  • Code review guidelines powered by GPT rolled out for beta users
  • Enterprise user can now handle multiple orgs in Axolo
  • Built a notification system to send updates about Axolo to users
  • Handling multiple organizations within Enterprise customers available
  • Support for GitHub enterprise with proxy
  • Ability to import engineers in batch from app.axolo.co
  • Ability to add the organization name in PR title for Enterprise Customers
  • Ability to delete PR in our DB upon merge
  • Created a new service to force a refresh on GitLab token if it fails


  • We improved the ability to enable features from team channels for Enterprise Users.
  • Improved the way we handle Stripe webhooks.
  • Improved the ability to enforce users to have same emails in Slack and GitHub to avoid impersonation.
  • Improved the way we handle queries for engineers for multi-orgs accounts.

🐞 FIX:

  • We fixed a bug for notifications for new onboarded collaborators.
  • We fixed a bug where links inside code comments were getting added brackets.
  • We fixed a bug with team channels if organizations archived/delete them manually from Slack.
  • We fixed a bug where we saved only members of GitLab groups and not projects.
  • We fixed an error for GitLab auto creation of repository upon webhook.
  • We fixed a bug to query pull request.
  • We fixed an error while switching a PR from draft to ready for review in team channels.
  • We fixed a bug where Axolo was not converting markdown in code review comment from GitHub and GitLab.
  • We fixed an error where GitHub admin would see an error when accepting installation.
  • We fixed a bug of a html injection with a > inside a PR title.
  • We fixed a bug where Axolo deleted the image preview of GitHub images after an edit.