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Axolo changelog - December 2023


✨ NEW:

  • Added a layer of security against impersonation for Enterprise customers.
  • Created enterprise plan in our database.
  • Added another way to give feedback on Axolo.
  • Added security for Slack webhooks.
  • Automatically onboard on Axolo an already onboarded engineer that is added to a new organization.
  • Onboarding one engineer in one organization in an Enterprise would onboard them in every organization.
  • Auto save slack members for new organization when Enterprise customer first onboard.


  • Enhanced security for impersonation for enterprise users.
  • Improved Sign in experience for Axolo admins.
  • Improve onboarding queries for large organizations.
  • Better handling of Slack rate limit for large organizations.
  • Refactoring how we save slack channels for Enteprrise.
  • Add extra layer of security for impersonation.
  • Optimization for Slack Member query for large companies.
  • Improved onboarding when adding Axolo from GitHub.
  • Offboarding on all organizations for Enterprise customers.
  • Improve Strapi Admin for Axolo administrators.
  • Avoid sending multiple identical messages for developers onboarded on multiple organizations for Enterprise.
  • Avoid sending multiple message for same user in Enterprise account.
  • Refactoring onboarding for improvement issues.
  • Handling GitHub callback better.

🐞 FIX:

  • Fixed error where Axolo didn't have a repository for some events.
  • Fix some identification error for self hosted customers.
  • Took off unecessary emoji scope.
  • Fix a bug of the installation from the github marketplace.
  • Fixed a bug for starter plan while counting created PR channels.
  • Fix bug where Axolo was forwarding HTML comments to Slack.
  • Fixed a bug during onboarding.
  • Fix bug where Axolo was editing directly code review comment in GitHub & GitLab.
  • Resolve bug when we had a state for enterprise users.