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Axolo changelog - March 2024


✨ NEW:

  • Created the Emoji Reactions for GitHub Chrome extension to enhance expressiveness in code reviews.
  • Implemented auto-refresh for Slack members within the app.
  • Enabled users to provide feedback when cancelling or pausing their subscriptions.
  • Introduced optional notifications during engineer onboarding.
  • Implemented ability to change billing plans from yearly to monthly.
  • Added feature to ask NPS to enterprise engineers using Axolo.
  • Added feature to ask how signup discovered Axolo.
  • Implemented ability for bots' PRs to show in standup notifications.
  • Added ability to snooze reminders.
  • Introduced automatic reviewer assignment for GitLab.
  • Enabled GitHub enterprise users to select specific repositories for updates from the Pull Request tab.
  • Enabled organizations to manage multiple GitLab groups within one Slack instance.
  • Introduced multi-org pricing for enterprise GitLab users.
  • Implemented a delay setting when archiving channels to allow discussion about PRs.


  • Reduced the number of direct messages sent during onboarding.
  • Enhanced retry configurations for Slack messages to mitigate rate limit errors.
  • Refactored permissions file for API management.
  • Enabled direct messaging when a GitHub token expires.
  • Notified users in DM during PR creation if the author is not onboarded.
  • Changed the conflict notification color to red to enhance visibility.
  • Asked for NPS through ephemeral messages rather than direct messages.
  • Marked reminders as read to reduce redundant notifications for PR authors or reviewers in specific PR statuses.
  • Established a fail-safe for enterprise customers to confirm a PR channel was merged.
  • Enabled business and enterprise plans to adjust settings when archiving a channel for post-discussion.

🐞 FIX:

  • Resolved an issue where adding '>' in a GitHub issue comment caused deletion by Axolo.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Axolo from inviting reviewers during specific bot-invoked workflows.
  • Corrected a bug where PRs from archived repositories were still appearing in stand-up notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with downgrading for companies installing directly from GitHub.
  • Resolved a critical bug that failed to invite reviewers to automated pull requests from bots.
  • Addressed a bug causing Axolo to incorrectly label a PR as reviewable after being merged or closed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing comments in GitLab from appearing in the correct thread.
  • Resolved an issue causing channel titles to be truncated inappropriately.
  • Improved link unfurling for code snippets in messages.-