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Allow subscribing to new/merged/closed PRs separately #519 (Solved)

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closed PRs separately

The Problem Stated by RichardNias:

"Apologies first of all if this issue already exists. And also thanks for this integration, really enjoying it so far.

I think it would be quire nice if we could configure which pull request events we can subscribe to. Something like:

pulls:all - Opened, closed and merged PRs pulls:new - Opened PRs pulls:closed - Closed PRs pulls:merged - Merged PRs pulls - same as pulls:all, default (keeping current behaviour). The use case for this is we have a channel where we like to post PRs that are ready for review, but is mainly used as a discussion channel which we don't want to be full of unneeded messages. We have another channel where we subscribe to all activity for reference.

I'm happy to give this a go, will look at opening a PR in the next few days unless someone is already working on something similar."

State as of September 2023

With 363 👍 reactions and 122 💬 comments, this issue ranks as the second-highest on the GitHub / Slack Repository, highlighting its relevance and urgency.

Problem Identified with this Issue:

  1. It's hard to know what is the state of a pull request.
  2. Notification clutter leading to a disorganized Slack workspace and decreased team engagement.

1 Channel, 1 State: Proposed Solution by RichardNias

RichardNias proposes creating separate Slack channels for different states of pull requests, such as:

  • #merged-pull-requests
  • #closed-pull-requests
  • #new-pull-requests

Updated Notifications and 1 Channel per Pull Request: Proposed Solution by Axolo

Axolo addresses this issue in a three-fold manner:

  1. A general channel notifies the team about new pull requests.

    notifications status

    In this screenshot you can see new pull request create a notification. Then this notification is automatically updated with

    1)The status of the pull request (open, closed, merged, draft, waiting for review, WIP) and 2) The status of the reviewers and assignees

  2. Real-time updates are provided for each pull request, indicating its current status—be it WIP, waiting for review, draft, merged, or closed.

  3. A dedicated Slack channel is created for each pull request, involving only the relevant engineers—assignees, creators, and reviewers—for focused discussion and updates.

    1 channel 1 pr

    Each pull request creates a channel. Reviewers are automatically invited and all the discussions is mirrored from Slack to GitHub and vice versa. You'll also find all relevant information about your PR (CI/CD etc..)

How to Get Started with Axolo

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Code quality has improved, engineers have a better understanding of what their colleagues are working on, and code is getting shipped much faster. Time from pull request open to review to merge is WAY faster, and engagement with reviews is much higher for our team. Axolo's team is also unbelievably fast in resolving issues when we run into them. Pleasure to work with them.


Axolo is an incredible tool for connecting PRs with our everyday engineering discussion on Slack. It integrates seamlessly and makes it so as a manager, I never lose track of my engineers' work. For my engineers, it allows them to collaborate without losing a thread in different contexts. Overall it keeps us moving swiftly throughout the sprint and continuously reviewing and merging code!


Axolo has made it easier to hold developers and QA engineers accountable for reviewing and merging pull requests on a timely basis. Our average PR time-to-merge was 2.40 days before Axolo, this has been reduced to 1.51 days after only using it for 2 weeks.


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