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The Art and Joy of Rubber-Stamping Pull Requests


What if I told you that there's a secret tool, a hidden gem among software developers that boosts productivity, speeds up the release cycles, and takes you on the fastest lane to version 1.0? Indeed, there is, and it's time we talk about it: rubber-stamping pull requests.

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LGTM all the way

At first glance, rubber-stamping, or approving pull requests with barely a glance at the code, might seem careless. It might even be regarded as the antithesis of quality assurance. But the masters of this craft understand its true essence - it's about trust. Trusting your team's skills, their expertise, their passion, and their midnight oil burning sessions. Who are we to question the fruits of their labor?

Efficiency: Virtue of Rubber-Stamping

The secret sauce of rubber-stamping lies in the harmony it establishes. No longer do developers live in fear of painstaking code reviews. They feel valued, trusted, and there's a sense of mutual respect. It's the closest that coders get to feeling like Michelangelo with his frescoes - unjudged and appreciated.

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Don't be that guy

Embrace bugs

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Make PR as big as you can

The critics might raise an eyebrow, 'What about bugs, poor coding practices, spaghetti code?' To them, we say, what doesn't break our code, makes our developers stronger. Let the bugs come. In their wake, they leave developers more seasoned, more battle-hardened. Rubber-stamping is more than a practice; it's an immersive, on-the-job training experience. It's the coding dojo where every mistake is a stepping stone to a coder's journey towards mastery.

“what doesn't break our code, makes our developers stronger”

Fast Failures, Quick Wins

Consider rubber-stamping as the fast-track lane to failure and through it, a quicker route to success. We've all heard the saying, "Fail fast, fail often", haven't we? Rubber-stamping pull requests is just putting this phrase into practice. With each unreviewed piece of code, we're opening the doors to potential bugs and, consequently, countless learning opportunities. It's like having a surprise quiz every day, and who doesn't love surprises?

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Rubber-Stamping: the new revolution

In conclusion, rubber-stamping is not just a wave; it's a revolution that fosters trust, embraces mistakes, and champions efficiency. So next time, when you come across a pull request, let your inner artist take over. Rubber-stamp it, and watch the magic happen.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and it certainly wasn't built without mistakes. As we head towards a future of machine learning algorithms and AI, let's not forget to keep the human element intact - the element of trust, growth, and above all, learning from our glorious failures. Long live the rubber-stamp revolution!