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Top 3 BitBucket pull requests Slack Integration


Top 3 BitBucket pull requests Slack Integration

Here you will find a list of three BitBucket pull request Slack integration to help your team be more reactive when it comes to reviewing pull requests and get notifications of code related events.

ToolRemindersTwo Way syncPull Requests notificationsPlug and PlayPipeline NotificationsServer and Cloud SupportPricing
BitBucket Official Slack integration🔴🟠 (There is a way but only through a form)Free
Code Dog🔴🔴🔴17,95€/month
Slack notificatiosn for BitBucket🔴🔴🔴From 75$ to 1200$ per year

#1 Bitbucket Server and Cloud for Slack (official Slack integration)

Bitbucket official slack integration screenshot:

bitbucket official

BitBucket created their own official Slack integration who allows you and your team to easily add notifications for one or more channels. You can /bitbucket subscribe to a repository and get notifications for all pull requests, commits, and more.

👍 Pros:

Plug & Play. You can subsribe to pull requests and also pipelines events which can be useful.

👎 Cons:

One channel to get all notifications can become overwhelming and get silence by developers. No Reminders.

🗒 Notes:

Notifications type you can receive:

Repository change/ Pipeline/ Buidls / Branches / Pull request notifications. See screenshot:

bitbucket official event type

2 way sync:

Its lenghty but BitBucket allows to send a Slack message to a pull request by clicking on the ... and filling out a form.

Click here to see the Server edition

Click here to see the Cloud edition

Pricing: free.

#2 Code dog

Code dog screenshot


Get barked at if you don't review your pull requests.

👍 Pros:

Get reminders, daily team reports, and user reports.

👎 Cons:

Few downloads and no reviews. Is it even being used?

🗒 Notes:

You can also configure direct messages when there is activity in one of the PR you follow.


21 days free trial. then Bitbucket Cloud €17.95/month.

Code Dog configuration:


#3 Slack notifications for Bitbucket (From Move Work Forward)

From Move Work Forward Slack notification screenshot:


Move Work forward is a company that creates simple integrations for tools. They created a Slack integration for BitBucket that allows you to get notifications for pull requests.

👍 Pros:

Simple pull requests notifications for BitBucket. They have many good reviews.

👎 Cons:

Not plug & play, one channel for a whole repository can be noisy. No reminders.

🗒 Notes:


# of usersPricing
Up to 25 usersUSD 75 per year
Up to 50 usersUSD 150 per year
Up to 100 usersUSD 300 per year
Up to 250 usersUSD 600 per year
Up to 500 usersUSD 1,200 per year


The official BitBucket Slack Integration seems like the best alternatives out there to get notified but if you want reminders I would consider using Code Dog.