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Product Update: Better home view, request a review and handle pull request labels from Slack


Handle pull request reviewers from Slack

Every developer with an Axolo profile can now request a review or update his reviewer directly from Slack. When you open a pull request, you'll see a button "👋 Request a review". Axolo will query your pull requests to fetch any developer or team reviewer and let you update this setting.

Handle pull request labels from Slack

With the same logic, you're now able to change and update any label on your pull request directly from its specific Slack channel. Next to the reviewer button, you'll find a "⚙ Settings" button which will let you handle your labels.

Pull request reviewer and labels in Axolo

Query your open pull requests upon refresh in your Home

You can now see when Axolo updated for the last time your Home view. The "Refresh" button on your Home (click on the Axolo app in your Slack to open this view) will update the information.

Pull request reviewer and labels in Axolo

Better Software Engineering Community

We launched our own Slack community Better Software Engineering. Our goal is to create a place where you will be able to contact us directly from a workspace and let engineers share thoughts on their current software development process.

Join better software engineering community

We will soon start organizing meetups in order to discover best practices from top VPs of Engineering. If you have any recommendations, we're open to new ideas!

Thanks again for being part of this adventure with us, please do continue share your thoughts, feedback and feature requests 🙌