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Product Update: A complete integration for code comments, axolo documentation and a new onboarding


A complete integration for code comments

From now on, every code comment in Github will start a dedicated Slack thread with a first message such as below.

Thread Axolo image one

Every following comment in the Github thread will appear as a new Slack message in the same thread.

Thread Axolo image two

To help you collaborate faster, if one of the engineers answers to the thread in Slack, the message will also be sent directly in the Github thread.

Thread Axolo image three

Launch of Axolo documentation

We launched last week the first version of Axolo documentation on axolo.co/docs.

Any engineer will be able to understand every feature and setting that the team has access to. We will update the documentation for everyone to be able to stay up to date with our update without the need to go through every product update.

If you think something is missing, just reach out! 👋

Axolo documentation

Verified in the Slack marketplace and a new onboarding

Axolo was accepted and verified last week in the Slack marketplace. 🎉

Since then, we have updated our onboarding process. From now on, admins will need to log in with a Slack workspace and new companies will be able to install Axolo from the Slack marketplace directly.

Axolo documentation

Pull request branch name in the topic

A recent minor update was developed in the channel topic, you'll be able to find the name of the corresponding branch of each pull request directly in the channel topic (copy/paste in your terminal and you're ready to test!).