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Product Update: Emoji reaction on PR status, disabling Slackbot notifications and better engineer search


Emoji reaction in _axolo channel

Axolo now sends a notification when a pull request is created and reacts with an emoji depending on the pull request status.

Default status are:

  • draft: ✏️
  • wip: 🔧
  • reviewable: 🙏
  • mergeable: 👍
  • closed: 🛑
  • merged: ✅

You can activate the emoji reaction in your settings in https://app.axolo.co/settings.

Emoji reaction on pull request

Disable the Slackbot notification when a pull request is closed

We are now able to prevent Slack from sending a notification when Axolo archives a pull request channel. To enable it, every engineer needs to sign in on Axolo with Slack.

Better engineer search in the app

It is now easier to search through your engineers in the 'Manage team members' modal

Axolo can delete unnecessary notifications in pull request channels

Now, we delete unnecessary notifications within pull request channels to keep your conversation clean from any external noises!