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Vast GitLab improvements, CI/CD, 12 bugs and much more...


✨ New

  • Axolo adds a bookmark in your PR channel if you have a dedicated deployment environment URL.
  • Enable user reaction in team channels for GitLab.
  • Enable thread discussion mirroring between GitLab and Slack (in the overview section of MR).
  • Handle MR description update for GitLab
  • CI/CD pipeline notification in Axolo for GitLab.
  • Axolo for GitLab Self-hosted is live.
  • Handle reopen MR for GitLab.
  • Organization-wide setting for minimum review per PR (when Axolo can say that a PR is mergeable instead of still waiting for reviews).

🔨 Improvements

  • Let PR authors request admins to onboard their reviewers.
  • Hide empty PR sections in /axolo and stand-up notifications.
  • Upon GitLab installation, the hook subscription is created before fetching organization information.
  • Sends a message to an engineer if we have a 401 from GitLab.
  • Automatically update PR/MR after unblocking a company.
  • In GitLab, (re)save all projects and groups if there is a missing repo
  • Added mergeability check on merge requests while processing pipeline notifications
  • When clicking on refresh on the home tab, it will sync Axolo DB with GitLab/GitHub (update PR if they are not opened anymore).
  • Improve open channels in app.axolo.co (sorting, links, and more information).
  • Improve the performance of Axolo on GitLab CI/CD hooks
  • Add the commit message in the "new commit after approval" notification (GitHub).
  • Add a button to update engineers in our DB for GitLab users that do not have a group subscription

🐞 Fixes

Solved a bug:

  • that created duplicate engineers during GitLab onboarding.
  • where we wouldn't react correctly on GitLab webhooks that did not contain a project field in the webhook body.
  • with code fences written in a specific language and when Axolo was adding a new line at the end of the suggestion
  • where Axolo was deleting @ within comments.
  • where a late payment wouldn't unblock a company.
  • where deleted GitHub code comments were not deleting the code corresponding code fence in Slack.
  • when we used author credentials when someone update a PR body.
  • where Axolo was trying to update a channel title with the same name for GitLab.
  • when there were multiple 'direct' links and 'hyperlinks' from Slack.
  • where the first line from Slack was hidden in GitHub & GitLab code fences.
  • on GitLab pipelines that were being sent only if successful the first time
  • Mobile menu was not working in app.axolo

📖 Documentation