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GitLab webhook retries, and user search in private conversations, with improvements in security, error handling, and various bug fixes for GitLab, Slack, among others.


✨ New

  • Emoji auto-review now in production and bug-free
  • Added a refresh button for pRS
  • GitLab webhooks now resubscribe automatically in case of errors
  • Axolo users can now search through private conversations to create stand-ups or team channels.

🔨 Improvements

  • Receive alerts for inactive organizations
  • Our database is now cleaned periodically for webhooks and events
  • Teams and Slack channels updated from app.axolo.co
  • Update credentials instead of creating one every time for self-hosted: Improved security and efficiency by updating credentials instead of creating new ones for self-hosted services.
  • Add some fixes to better handle GitLab webhooks: Improved the reliability of GitLab webhooks by fixing some issues.
  • Gestion d'erreur pour un cas précis lorsqu'on envoie une notification de CI/CD pour une channel qui a déjà été archivé pour les clients GitLab: Improved error handling for GitLab clients when sending CI/CD notifications to archived channels.
  • Only tag admin for billing issues in Slack: Improved communication efficiency by tagging only admins for billing issues in Slack.
  • Updated message intro into new team channels with latest features: Provided teams with better information and features by updating the message introduction in new team channels.
  • GitLab webhook now retries automatically to avoid missing events
  • Improved onboarding installation for better performance
  • Users can now request admin permission during GitLab onboarding
  • GitLab onboarding now allows user to request an admin

🐞 Fixes

  • Automatic message prevention on GitLab
  • Hotfix for code comment greediness
  • Handled error when approving MR without Slack channel ID
  • Fixed disappearing image markdown on GitHub
  • Hotfix for engineers not in team channel
  • Fixed /axolo command error for PRs without author
  • Remove mergeable status emoji reaction when MR is unapproved in GitLab
  • Create PR when receiving note from GitLab without one in DB
  • Resolved error updating non-existent MR in DB
  • Handled errors in incoming GitLab webhook
  • Fixed rate limiting bug with Slack
  • Axolo no longer deletes HTML comments in code fences
  • Fixed regex for images
  • Fixed /lgtm comment bug in GitLab
  • Alert for failed GitLab token refresh
  • Fixed engineer URL in onboarding cron job
  • Improved onboarding message for engineers with error wait time
  • Fixed API leaks and circular dependency-