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Improved onboarding, GitLab handling, and bug fixes, including a new queue system and test account, better error handling, and internal tools for support and analytics.


✨ New

  • New onboarding to create the Axolo general channel or a team channel at the end
  • Add a way to have a test account for DX
  • Merge a merge request with Axolo, /axolo merge
  • New billing section for paid customers

🔨 Improvements

  • Better GitLab token handling for users
  • Propagate edits from bot comments to Slack
  • Filtering bot (renovate, dependabot, etc..) in pull request recap and Axolo standups
  • Write to a user whenever they install Axolo on a personal account
  • Improve MR lifecycle status
  • Improve the emoji mag reaction
  • Add internal actions for better support

🐞 Fixes

  • Fix error where bots were being taken off the settings
  • Fix bug while fetching Slack workspace conversations
  • Improving the refresh GitLab token error
  • Handle deleted MR for GitLab
  • Patch GitLab organization
  • Make sure we delete hook when we delete a GitLab organization
  • Bug with timeslots on GitLab when you were assigned as assignees
  • Not asking engineers to re-sign in anymore
  • Fix error with GitHub self-hosted duplicated credentials