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Axolo changelog - May 2023



  • Send a new ci cd notification if there are changes within the tests even if the global status is unchanged
  • Email automatic 2 days after failed payment
  • Sign in from Axolo home will get you straight to the dashboard
  • New notification in team channels
  • New notification system for team channels
  • Added some new reminders for more fun
  • Axolo now handle its request via proxy for self hosted instance behind a VPN
  • Added the branch protection feature in the PR statut for github
  • Added search feature on Axolo documentation + SEO support
  • If you invite an Axolo member inside a PR channel, Axolo will ask you if you want to assign them as reviewer/assignee
  • Added support for shared project inside group for GitLab organizations


  • Refactored some internal scripts
  • Updated code snippet. taking -2 +2 instead of -4
  • Add a function to retry operations when updating GitLab hooks if we get an error
  • Improved onboarding and intial query when signing up/in on app.axolo.co
  • Axolo won't overwrite topics in team channels if there is one
  • Merged emoji is now :large_blue_square: for gitlab and :large_purple_square: for github
  • Sends a message at the end of a trial with activity logs
  • WIP reasons in team channel notification
  • Better error handling when refreshing teams
  • Speed up engineer onboarding
  • GitLab improvement for speed
  • Update current open PR from app and close them in our DB if they are closed in github/gitlab
  • During the onboarding, a gitlab self hosted version can choose to have a fixed IP to whitelist
  • Send notification of team channels to PR channels as well to reflect changes on review, status and assignements


  • Fixed pull request update bug where it was hiding repository names
  • Solved a bug where Axolo would put undefined for a list of reviewers and/or creator
  • Resolved bug where the magnifier would go into a loop with GitLab and assign/ take off reviewer on a merge request
  • Fixed a bug where we wouldn't fetch all engineers for GitLab
  • Bug where MR did not send notification in team channels when they were ready for review
  • Bug notif reviewers & ready for review team channels
  • Fixed a bug where when you refreshed your teams the slack name would disappears
  • Do not transform markdown link within suggestion from GitHub into Slack link
  • Solve an error when we were missing a repository in GitLab and tried to manually update some MRs
  • Fixed some error for some pull request review comment for better stability
  • Fixed an error when refreshing a GitLab token
  • Fix an error with some GitHub CI/CD setup
  • Handle errors with missing periodic stripe payments
  • Fix error with some subscriptions where our servers blocked some companies
  • Fixed a bug where gitlab teams weren't imported correctly
  • Fix bug where we were downgrading paying customers
  • Fix bug where team channel notification was not updated on merge if the auto archive setting was on