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Axolo changelog - November 2023


✨ NEW:

  • Enabled enterprise customers to add their GitHub Proxy address.
  • Added more security features around impersonation for Enterprises.
  • Giving tips to Axolo users who type LGTM in a pull request channel.
  • Created a service to close PR channels when the PR is closed in GitHub/GitLab.
  • Improved sign in process with added security and less waiting time.
  • Improved simple slack link formatting for edited messages.


  • Improved internal notifications for customer success.
  • Updated the initial message of onboarding.
  • Improve analytics to help understand Axolo usage.
  • Ask for feedback if users speak about Axolo.
  • Improved emails after customer plan updates.

🐞 FIX:

  • Fixed a bug for enterprise customers on team channels management.
  • Fix a bug where Axolo would send reminders on weekends for specific timezones.
  • Allow users to sign in when there are no organisations yet.
  • Resolved bug while unarchiving a PR channel.