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Axolo changelog - July 2024


✨ NEW:

  • Added the /axolo command feature for multi-organizations users.
  • Added status (merged or closed) in PR title along with the draft status.
  • Added a notification in PR channels if no one from a reviewer team was invited due to a wrongly set up CODEOWNERS rule.
  • Specific workflow for enterprise users.
  • API for provisioning and deprovisioning engineers automatically using OKTA or similar services.


  • Updated the open-source feature to allow Axolo to open PR channels on public repositories.
  • Improved the /axolo command for Enterprise customers.
  • Improved the way we fetch engineers for GitLab groups and subgroups.
  • Improved mergeability check for consecutive commits in PRs.
  • Alerting in team channels and emails for failed payment.
  • Notification in team channels & emails when downgrading to the starter plan.
  • Added a message saying that all developers belong to a team channel in the app.
  • Service to archive closed MRs if there was a webhook issue.
  • Automated a service to archive closed PR channels if there was an issue with GitLab webhooks.
  • Updated our database if we have a 404 from GitLab.

🐞 FIX:

  • Resolved bug where GitLab auto-assignment was adding too many logs.
  • Solved a bug when creating the admin conversation while requesting Axolo installation.
  • Solved a bug where Slack threads were not being sent to GitHub.
  • Fixed bug to update GitLab token when there is a renewal issue.
  • Fixed bug for Stripe invoicing.
  • Fixed rendering bug for Axolo home in Slack for multi-organization customers.
  • Fixed bug where a message was sent to every developer instead of only those missing the onboarding process in GitLab.
  • Fixed a GitLab thread bug when the editor created the thread from the first tab right away.
  • Fixed a bug for standup selector in-app.