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Top 4 Discord GitHub bot for pull requests


We’ve reviewed and selected the top 4 Discord GitHub bot for pull requests.

If your tech team is working on GitHub and Discord you might be looking for a Discord bot that can remind your team about stale PR and important events. Below we have listed 4 different ways we found for you to do that:

NameRemindersEvents notificationsNotesPrice
RemindubNot so popularFree
Discord Bot GitHubReliant on the owner server and not so safeFree
Meta ApiRequires some time to set upfree tier + Starts 29$/month
Zapier and IntegromatEasy to set upfree tier + Starts at 20$/Month

Self hosted version:

We found one self hosted versions of a discord bot that are open source on GitHub:

1. Remindub

Description: Remindub is a simple pull request reminder tool. You will be able to set the days and time to be reminded of stale pull requests. It is packaged as a docker container and should not take too long to install.


Notes: There is just version 0.1 of this package and I have not seen many stars on this project. I wonder if it’s used at all.

Remindub screenshot

Low code alternative:

2. Discord Bot GitHub

This bot is great to subscribe to some GitHub notifications. For this one to work you will need to do three things: add a repository webhook link pointing to https://discordbotgithub.herokuapp.com Install the bot on your discord server Subscribe to the events you would like to subscribe to.

Notes: This solution is reliant on the owner willing to keep the Heroku server up and isn’t completely safe.

Discord bot Screenshot

3. Meta API

Meta Api is a service that can integrate multiple API and allows you to create any kind of logic in between using different languages. It’s interesting because it will allow you to be flexible on what kind of events and how you want it to be displayed, and it won’t require you to host anything as Meta API will host the logic for you.

It does require a bit of time and some code understanding to set it up, here is a full article on how to do that: blog.meta-api.io/personalized-github-reminder-for-slack-and-discord

No code Alternative:

4. Zapier and Integromat

If you want an easy solution and are willing to pay for a no code alternative then a practical and fast alternative is to use Zapier or Integromat (Make). Using plug and play connectors to GitHub and Discord you can easily set up to receive messages whenever there is an event you are interested in. One event could be for every pull request that is created you can send a message to create a notification in a specific channel.

Notes: You won’t be able to get reminders on pull requests as in 1), and it is also a pricey alternative if you have many events you want to subscribe to.

Zapier github bot discord screenshot

Conclusion: Depending on your willingness to spend time setting up a bot, also if you want to have notifications and/or reminders you should be able to choose between one of those 4 options. Meta API is a good alternative but requires some time to set up, Zapier and Integromat are the safest options to go with and the fasted to set up.

Let us know in the comments if you know any other bot that should be added to this list or if you have any comments on the one we've listed here.