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Published on Monday, September 27, 2021, last updated

Maximize developer efficiency with the ultimate Slack pull request reminder bot


Managing pull requests efficiently is a common challenge in software development. Teams often struggle with delayed reviews, disrupted workflows, and a flood of irrelevant notifications. Are you looking to streamline your team's pull request process? Axolo is designed to tackle these very issues, ensuring that pull requests are handled with both speed and precision.

At Axolo, we understand that the key to effective pull request management lies in attention to detail and timely responses. Our solution ensures that code reviews are conducted swiftly, within hours of a request, and without the usual distractions of unnecessary notifications. Discover how Axolo transforms the pull request process, making it more efficient and less intrusive for your engineering team.


What a Slack pull request reminder bot should provide

In order to use the best tool to organize and remind engineers about code review, the ultimate Slack pull request bot must: notify only the right people (not a whole squad when a specific reviewer is requested), give context about the code review status, not only the last notification, send only the notifications that matter, notify at the right time and understand if engineers are available for review or not.

In this article, we will detail how Axolo was built to become the ultimate Slack pull request reminder following the past four principles.

Enable your team to mergepull requests faster with Axolo

Notifying the right people

Did you know that, according to recent studies, irrelevant notifications can decrease productivity by up to 40%? In the world of software development, where focus is paramount, this can be a significant setback. Axolo addresses this challenge head-on by ensuring that only the relevant members of your team are notified about pull requests.

Our approach at Axolo begins with understanding the unique structure of engineering teams. We recognize that not every team member needs to be involved in every pull request.

To tackle the common issue of notification overload, Axolo creates single-purpose, ephemeral channels. These channels are tailored for each pull request, inviting only the creator and the designated reviewers. This targeted approach means that your engineers receive notifications that are directly relevant to their work, eliminating the distraction of unnecessary alerts and enhancing overall productivity.

The Axolo way: subscribe to GitHub pull requests in Slack

Providing Context Around Code Reviews

This feedback underscores a critical aspect of effective code review management: providing comprehensive context.

In the past, developers often faced the challenge of piecing together information from various notifications and messages to understand the full scope of a pull request. This fragmented approach led to significant context-switching, which can be mentally exhausting and time-consuming. Axolo revolutionizes this process by centralizing all relevant information in a single, dedicated Slack channel for each pull request. This means that every discussion, update, and decision related to the pull request is easily accessible, fostering a more efficient and collaborative review process.

“Code reviews used to feel like a chore, but now, with the open communication facilitated by Slack and Axolo, we have created a more collaborative environment for each pull request.”

— Blake Acheson, CTO and co-founder of Agency Analytics

By integrating with Slack, Axolo creates a seamless environment where developers can quickly grasp the status and requirements of a pull request without the need to constantly switch between tools. This approach not only streamlines the review process but also enhances team collaboration, as highlighted by Agency Analytics' experience. With Axolo, code reviews become an integrated, engaging part of the development workflow, rather than a disjointed task.

Sending only the notifications that matter

Axolo stands out in its technical approach to filtering notifications, ensuring that each team member receives only what's relevant to them. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Axolo analyzes the context and content of each pull request. It then intelligently determines which notifications are pertinent to specific team members, based on their roles and involvement in the project. This means developers aren't bombarded with every update but only get alerted about the changes and requests that require their attention.

A user of Axolo shared their experience: "The notification filtering has been a game-changer for us. It's like having a smart assistant that knows exactly what I need to see and when. This has significantly cut down on noise and helped us focus on what's important." This feedback highlights the effectiveness of Axolo's notification system in enhancing productivity and reducing unnecessary distractions.

By providing this level of customization and relevance in notifications, Axolo not only streamlines the code review process but also respects the time and focus of each developer, ensuring that they can concentrate on their most critical tasks without interruption.


Pushing notifications at the right time

Timely notifications are crucial in maintaining a productive workflow, and this is where Axolo's customization truly sets it apart from competitors. Understanding that every developer has their unique work pattern, Axolo offers personalized notification settings. This feature allows team members to specify when they are available for code reviews, ensuring that they receive notifications only during these designated times.

This customization means that developers are not interrupted by untimely alerts during their deep work phases or outside of their preferred working hours. Instead, they can fully concentrate on their current tasks, secure in the knowledge that they will be notified about pull requests at a more suitable time. This level of personalization is not just about managing notifications; it's about respecting and adapting to each developer's individual workflow.

Axolo's users often highlight this aspect as a key differentiator. One user remarked, "The ability to set my own notification schedule has been invaluable. It allows me to plan my day more effectively, knowing that I won't be distracted by random alerts. Axolo really understands the needs of developers."

By offering this degree of control over notifications, Axolo not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a more balanced and less stressful work environment.

Axolo User Experiences

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Axolo has made it easier to hold developers and QA engineers accountable for reviewing and merging pull requests on a timely basis. Our average PR time-to-merge was 2.40 days before Axolo, this has been reduced to 1.51 days after only using it for 2 weeks.

Anubhav MalikAnubhav Malik

We used to send each other our GitHub PR links on Slack to ask for a review. Having Axolo made it a zero-effort thing. Having discussions on Slack is much more natural and Axolo does a great job doing it. The support is amazing as well! Arthur and Sydney proactively reach out to ask if we're facing any issues and even released one feature request within hours!


Axolo is a must-have for teams using GitHub. My team can discuss pull requests without leaving Slack now. Axolo helped us merge pull requests faster in a more seamless way. I was waiting for this product for so long!

Axolo vs other Slack integration alternatives

We wrote a dedicated article to highlight the characteristics of the top 5 pull request Slack integrations. But find now the main differences between Axolo and other tools;

The only collaborative integration

Axolo is the only pull request integration focusing on collaborative features. We want to help engineers work together and have the right place to talk about a code.

We're protecting your development time

Axolo knows when you're available for reviewing code and does not send untimely notifications to developers during development times. With a five minutes setup, you will be able to think about code review only when you want to!

Context around pull request, not only code comments

We centralize the whole context around a pull request sending CI/CD and deployment notifications to the right people. You won't need to check your GitHub notifications or email and will receive your pull request notifications in their dedicated channels.

Axolo is a Slack app to help techteams review pull request seamlessly


Axolo redefines the pull request process, transforming it into a streamlined, efficient, and less intrusive experience. By focusing on notifying the right people, providing comprehensive context, ensuring relevant notifications, and delivering them at the right time, Axolo stands out as a leader in Slack pull request integration.

Our solution is designed with the developer's workflow in mind, respecting their time and enhancing their productivity. Axolo isn't just a tool; it's an integral part of a smarter, more collaborative coding environment. Experience the difference with Axolo and see how your team can achieve new heights in code review efficiency.

Ready to elevate your team's code review process? Try Axolo for free and step into a world where pull request management is seamless, intuitive, and tailored to your team's needs.