Axolo for Developers

Optimize coding efficiency with Axolo's seamless Slack integration, focusing on relevant notifications and faster code reviews.

End context-switching

Keeping Slack as a main communication silo makes it easier for everyone to find and access the information the need.

Be notified in real time

Instead of checking your emails, or your GitHub/GitLab notifications, using Slack also helps in improving the speed and responsiveness of your team communication.

Keep track of progress and status per PR

Great for squad and cross squads. All reviewers and assignees can now communicate and get notified in a single space.

Improve your code review experience

Cutting down on redundant tasks and noise, so you can focus on what really matters in your code.

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Automate repetitive tasks in your code review cycle to save your development time and cut operational costs.
Targeted Communication
Get only the notifications that matter to you, reducing distractions and enhancing your concentration on development tasks.
Developer Experience
Enjoy a more efficient and satisfying coding workflow, boosting your personal job satisfaction and minimizing stress.
Engage in direct, contextual conversations within Slack, making your collaboration on code reviews more dynamic and effective.

Improve your code review experience

Review seamlessly in Slack

By providing a central location for discussion and ensuring that everyone is engaged in the process, you can help your team to achieve its goals.

Pull Request Channels
Each pull request creates a dedicated Slack channel, streamlining code review processes and improving team collaboration.
Two-Way Slack-GitHub Sync
Synchronize discussions between Slack and GitHub to minimize context-switching and keep conversations centralized.
Automated PR Reminders
Automatically notify the right team members about pull request updates, ensuring timely reviews and actions.
CI/CD Notifications
Get real-time updates on CI/CD processes directly in Slack, integrated within each pull request channel for immediate access.
Daily Stand-up Assist
Utilize daily PR recaps for effective stand-ups, keeping the team aligned and accountable with the latest project updates.
Efficient Code Review Scheduling
Schedule code reviews with designated time slots, allowing developers to manage their review times effectively.

Been an early user & have not found anything else which comes close to improving our PR workflow. Love the way Axolo helps us maintain sanity across our PR reviews & keeping the entire team on top of what needs their attention. The team listens to the customers & delivers above & beyond!

Akshay Katyal
Head of Engineering @ Backstage

Stop context-switching and improve your code review experience

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