Axolo for Managers

Enhance your team's satisfaction with Axolo's code review process, accelerating development cycles and improving developer experience.

Better communication and collaboration

Better communication and collaboration in an engineering team lead to better project planning, faster execution, and reduced misunderstandings, ultimately resulting in a more successful project.

Dedicated spaces for discussing and reviewing code

This allows team members to focus on the task at hand without distractions. It also enables them to easily reference past discussions and decisions, which can aid in future code reviews and help maintain the quality of the codebase.

Reduce pickup time by up to 50%

By reducing the time it takes to merge code changes, teams can be more responsive to changing requirements and quickly adapt to new developments.

Enhance Your Team's Code Review Process

Enable your team to focus on delivering quality code by streamlining the code review process.

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Team Efficiency
Streamline your team's code review process by automating routine tasks, freeing up time for strategic work and reducing operational costs.
Focused Notifications
Ensure your team receives only relevant alerts, minimizing distractions and keeping them focused on critical tasks and deadlines.
Enhanced Team Satisfaction
Create a more productive and enjoyable work environment for your developers, leading to higher satisfaction and lower turnover.
Seamless Team Collaboration
Facilitate effective, in-context team communication within Slack, improving collaboration and efficiency in code review processes.

Enhance your team's code review process

Streamline Reviews to Optimize Team Experience

Axolo centralizes your team's discussions in Slack, fostering engagement and collaboration. This strategic approach empowers you to guide your team effectively, ensuring project milestones are met with precision.

Centralized PR Management
Automatically generate dedicated Slack channels for each pull request, enhancing oversight and team coordination during code reviews.
Seamless Slack-GitHub Integration
Synchronize team discussions between Slack and GitHub, reducing the need for context-switching and centralizing communication.
Timely PR Notifications
Ensure prompt pull request reviews and actions by automatically alerting the relevant team members, optimizing workflow efficiency.
Real-Time CI/CD Tracking
Receive immediate updates on CI/CD processes within each pull request’s Slack channel, aiding in swift decision-making and issue resolution.
Streamlined Daily Stand-ups
Facilitate more effective stand-up meetings with daily PR summaries, keeping the team synchronized and focused on critical project developments.
Scheduled Code Review Management
Organize code reviews with set time slots, helping your team manage their schedules more effectively and maintain consistent review practices.

Axolo has made it easier to hold developers and QA engineers accountable for reviewing and merging pull requests. Our average PR time-to-merge was 2.40 days before Axolo, this has been reduced to 1.51 days after only using it for 2 weeks.

Dee Evans
Director of Infrastructure @ Dan

Stop context-switching and improve your code review experience

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