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Product Update: Engineer's OAuth, /lgtm command, pull requests checks and Sentry integration


Slack & GitHub OAuth

Engineers can now sign in on Axolo with their Slack & GitHub profiles from Axolo's home. This enables Axolo to write comments on GitHub and Slack on your behalf. Now, comments look good, and don't ping you when you're the author of the messages.

Axolo summary of check runs

This is especially useful to review pull requests from Slack with the Review changes button or the /lgtm command in a pull request channel. With the GitHub authentication, pull requests are now approved by the reviewer's profile and comply with branch rules.

/lgtm (optional) comment

You can now approve a pull request in a flash! Use the /lgtm command in a channel to approve the current pull request. Current Slack workspace need to accept the new scope request from the application marketplace.

Edit and delete propagation across messages

From now on, if you edit or delete a message in Slack or GitHub, Axolo will propagate your changes to the corresponding message in the other application.

Summary of pull request check runs

When all your pull request checks are completed, Axolo can send you a summary with the status of each check-in in the PR channel.

Axolo summary of check runs

Sentry integration

If you enable the Sentry integration, Axolo will query every Sentry issue linked with your pull requests or in GitHub issues referred in your pull requests, and send a direct link to them inside your Axolo channels. You can integrate with Sentry in our application. Learn more