Jira is a project management tool, initially built to track software bugs.

Integrate Axolo with Jira

To integrate Jira with Axolo. You will need to have first installed Git Integration for Jira. Then you can follow these steps

  • Go to Axolo Home,
  • Click on Integrate Jira,
  • Accept the oAuth.
Jira oauth

How does the Jira integration work?

Axolo will add a link to your pull request channel automatically if it found an issue tag in a Pull Request title or a branch name. For example: if a Jira ticket is PROD-66 and my pull request title is PROD-66 User experience redefined Axolo will automatically link to that issue like so:

Jira Example

Ask for more use cases and automation for Jira

We would love to have your feedback and feature requests concerning Jira integration. Just reach out to the team!