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Streamline PR Management with Axolo: Notification Channels and PR-Specific Channels

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Axolo Team Channels

The Problem Stated by the Community:

Problem stated by Jamie Kyle, @jamiebuilds on GitHub:

"Within a "monorepo" there can be dozens of teams working in the same codebase.

Subscribing to all of these notifications would get super noisy for a single room. It would be really great if you could subscribe to just a few @users or a @org/team."

State as of October 2023

Dating from Feb 2018, this issue is 4 years old has 174 👍 reactions and 57 💬 comments. This issue ranks as the seven-highest on the GitHub / Slack Repository, highlighting its relevance and urgency.

Problem Identified with Traditional Methods:

  1. Lack of targeted notifications.
  2. Inefficient communication among reviewers and assignees.

One Notification Channel Per Team: Proposed Solution by Axolo

Axolo allows for the creation of a notification channel per team, ensuring that only relevant updates are sent to the right team members. Each notifications is then automatically updated depending on:

  • It's state (draft, work in progress, closed, merged, etc.)
  • The team members involved (reviewers, assignees, etc.)

Learn more about team channels on Axolo: Team Channels.


In this screenshot, you can see how Axolo creates a dedicated notification channel for each team, keeping everyone in the loop without overwhelming them.

Channel per PR: Proposed Solution by Axolo

Axolo takes it a step further by creating a dedicated Slack channel for each PR, inviting only the relevant team members—reviewers and/or assignees—for focused discussion and updates.

Learn more about PR-specific channels on Axolo: PR-Specific Channels.

1 channel 1 pr

Each PR creates its own Slack channel, where discussions are mirrored from Slack to GitHub and vice versa. This channel also includes all relevant information about the PR, such as CI/CD status.

How to Get Started with Axolo

  1. Brief your team about Axolo's innovative approach.
  2. Follow the onboarding steps at Axolo's App.
  3. Start managing your PRs more efficiently through Slack.

Axolo is a Slack app to help techteams review pull request seamlessly

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Richard M.Richard M.

We no longer need to cut and paste MR URLs into Slack manually. Axolo also reduces button-clicking in the GitLab UI, because Slack can be used to assign a Reviewer and also Approve an MR. We no longer need to watch for email notifications and context-switch to the GitLab UI to have the discussion -- Axolo automatically opens (and archives) a channel dedicated to the MR discussion.


Code quality has improved, engineers have a better understanding of what their colleagues are working on, and code is getting shipped much faster. Time from pull request open to review to merge is WAY faster, and engagement with reviews is much higher for our team. Axolo's team is also unbelievably fast in resolving issues when we run into them. Pleasure to work with them.


Axolo is an incredible tool for connecting PRs with our everyday engineering discussion on Slack. It integrates seamlessly and makes it so as a manager, I never lose track of my engineers' work. For my engineers, it allows them to collaborate without losing a thread in different contexts. Overall it keeps us moving swiftly throughout the sprint and continuously reviewing and merging code!


We value your input! Share your thoughts on these features and suggest improvements to make Axolo even better. Join our community or leave your comments below!