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Engineering team channels

Get notified for your squad new pull requests and have a high-level view of their statuses.

Have a high-level view of your team

All the pull request of your team along with their status will be in one channel, each notification is a shortcut to the conversation in Slack. It’s now easy to interact on pull requests with your peers.

Keep track of progress and status per pull request

Emoji reactions allows you to see which pull requests needs your attention and which one has been merged.

How does it work?

Create your team channels

From your Axolo dashboard, choose a channel and at least a team.

Automatic emoji reactions

Axolo will react with an emoji depending on the status of the pull request. For example, if it gets approved, the user who approved the pull request will react with πŸ‘ automatically.

Personalize emoji reactions

Whether your PR is in draft, work in progress, reviewabled, approved, mergeabled, closed or merged you can personalize the reactions with your own custom emojis.

β€œCode quality has improved, engineers have a better understanding of what their colleagues are working on, and code is getting shipped much faster. Axolo's team is also unbelievably fast in resolving issues when we run into them. Pleasure to work with them.”

Tyler Richie
CTO @ Sproutfi

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