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/axolo for PR recaps

All your current work, a shortcut away.

Know what to focus on

Ask Axolo to see which pull requests need your attention, and which ones are ready to be merged.

Keep track of progress and status per PR

You are one command away to see what is everyone in your team up to, and what status is each PR.

Merge directly from Slack

With /axolo merge, GitLab users can merge their MRs directly from Slack.

How does it work?

Run /axolo

/axolo open to show all open PRs of your organization, /axolo me for your open PRs, /axolo team [team name] to show all PRs from a specific team.

I've been a CTO at various companies for a decade now. One of my biggest pain points has always been PR review responsiveness. I've tried so many home baked solutions. Axolo is the app that solves the problem perfectly.

Dee Evans
CTO @ Staqfi

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