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Code review timeslots

Preserve your development and focus time.

Stay focused

Time slots allow developers to specify when they are available for code review.

Choose your reviewing time

By choosing the time you are ready to review, you can indicate your colleagues when you will review their code and better coordinate.

How does it work?

Choose the time you are available

This can be done in your Axolo home page inside Slack.

Review on your schedule

Axolo will invite on your available time and will let the author of the pull request know when you will be free.

Been an early user & have not found anything else which comes close to improving our PR workflow. Love the way Axolo helps us maintain sanity across our PR reviews & keeping the entire team on top of what needs their attention. The team listens to the customers & delivers above & beyond!

Akshay Katyal
Head of Engineering @ Backstage

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