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1 PR = 1 channel

Enable coordination and transparency around code reviews.

Better communication and collaboration

Better communication and collaboration in an engineering team lead to better project planning, faster execution, and reduced misunderstandings, ultimately resulting in a more successful project.

Dedicated spaces for discussing and reviewing code

This allows team members to focus on the task at hand without distractions. It also enables them to easily reference past discussions and decisions, which can aid in future code reviews and help maintain the quality of the codebase.

Keep track of progress and status per PR

Great for squad and cross squads. All reviewers and assignees can now communicate and get notified in a single space.

How does it work?

Create a channel per PR

The topic tells you which branch merges into which one. The bookmarks have all the information you need (number of successful checks, commits, file changes and diffs) and link directly to the corresponding GitHub page. Now you and your teammates can discuss pull requests in Slack easily.

Invites the reviewers and your favorite integrations

Reviewers are invited upon GitHub rules. You can decide which integration can post on those channels (such as Jira, Linear, Dependabot, Sentry, etc.). Reviewers can set up timeslots to be invited only when they decided to.

Leave when approved

You can choose to automatically leave a channel when you approve a pull request. This is helpful to focus only on the pull request you need to review.

Archive the channel automatically

When the pull request is merged or closed. Axolo will automatically archive the channel and quietly make everyone leave the channel.

Code quality has improved, engineers have a better understanding of what their colleagues are working on, and code is getting shipped much faster. Axolo's team is also unbelievably fast in resolving issues when we run into them. Pleasure to work with them.

Tyler Richie
CTO @ Sproutfi

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