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Slack GitHub Integration

Axolo is the ultimate two-way synchronization integration between Slack and GitHub.

End context-switching

Keeping Slack as a main communication silo makes it easier for everyone to find and access the information the need.

Be notified in real time

Instead of checking your emails, or your GitHub/GitLab notifications, using Slack also helps in improving the speed and responsiveness of your team communication.

Reduce time to merge metrics by up to 50%

By reducing the time it takes to merge code changes, teams can be more responsive to changing requirements and quickly adapt to new developments. This can help teams stay agile and maintain a competitive edge.

How does it work?

Two-way synched

If you make any change on GitHub (edit or delete a comment), the change will be mirrored in Slack (and vice versa).

1 code comments = 1 thread

Every code comment on GitHub or GitLab will create a new Slack thread, then each answer from there or Slack will be sent to the other tool.

Resolve comments

When a comment is resolved on GitHub, it will automatically add an emoji reaction ✅ on Slack. That way, you know what has already been answered.

Code snippets

On GitHub, Axolo doesn’t have access to your code, but it will create a code snippet link so that the official Slack-GitHub integration can show you the piece of code you are currently talking about.

Our developers have really enjoyed the increased focus it brings, which is especially important as our team grows. As a fully remote organization using the correct communication tools is vital, and Axolo balances things nicely.

Joe Rowley
VP of Engineering @ Curebase

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