Meet Axolo, the best Slack integration for GitHub

Focusing on collaboration across the whole engineering team, Axolo makes it easy to discuss about Pull Request in single purpose discussions. Receive every important information about your pull request (comments, CI/CD deployment) in ephemeral channels to handle your pull requests.

Axolo. Integrate Github with Slack.

Code review with Axolo

A better way to handle pull request

Slack and GitHub integration

Looking for a true Slack and GitHub integration?

Axolo founders have built a product that is focused on collaboration across engineering teams instead of focusing on direct messages through a Slack bot.

They designed it to improve collaboration through single-purpose ephemeral channels dedicated to each code review. Putting en end to context-switching and dangling pull requests.

The whole context of a pull request (comment, CI/CD, and deployment notification) is sent to the channel and creates the right place to talk about code within the engineering team.

Some exclusive features

Workflows notifications

Axolo sends deployment and GitHub actions notifications in their dedicated channels.

Inbox zero for code reviews

As a to-do list of open pull requests, Slack becomes your inbox zero for code reviews.

Protect development time

We want to protect your development time and request your review when you’re available.

Axolo is fully documented

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