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What is Aikido Security about?

Aikido Security is a GitHub application that provides a comprehensive security solution for businesses. By connecting your GitHub account and granting read-only access to selected repositories, Aikido Security offers a complete overview of all security threats in a single platform. With its secret sauce, Aikido Security reduces false-positive alerts by 95%, providing accurate and reliable security alerts.

Aikido Security covers a wide range of security threats, including open-source vulnerabilities, open-source license reporting and audit, cloud (mis)configuration checks, secrets detection (leaked and exposed), and surface monitoring. With Aikido Security, you only receive alerts that matter to you, reducing alert overload and making it easier to solve issues.

Aikido Security also offers deduplication, collapsing and grouping vulnerabilities that affect repositories or clouds across your infrastructure. This feature reduces alert overload and makes solving issues easier. Additionally, Aikido Security offers auto-triage, automatically analyzing and monitoring your codebase and infrastructure to ignore issues that don't affect you.

Custom rules further reduce noise by allowing you to specify which paths, packages, etc. aren't critical for Aikido Security to monitor. Aikido Security will still unignore them if they ever become a severe issue. Overall, Aik

What are Aikido Security features and benefits?

- Connect GitHub and get an overview of security threats
- Results in 30 seconds
- False-positive reduced by 95%
- Covers open source vulnerabilities, licenses reporting & audit, cloud (mis)configuration checks, secrets detection (leaked & exposed), surface monitoring
- Only get alerts that matter to you
- Deduplication of vulnerabilities
- Auto-triage to ignore issues that don't affect you
- Custom rules to reduce noise

What is Aikido Security pricing?

The pricing for Aikido Security's Free plan is $0.

Integrate Aikido Security in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Aikido Security in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for efficient code review with added security measures. With Aikido Security, the GitHub repos are monitored for security threats and vulnerabilities, and alerts are sent only when necessary. This reduces the risk of ignored alerts and false positives. By integrating Aikido Security with Axolo, engineers can review code faster while also being alerted to any security threats or vulnerabilities in the code.

Learn more about Aikido Security on the GitHub marketplace.

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