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What is Airbrake about?

Airbrake is a powerful Error & Performance Monitoring service that helps developers deploy code without fear and fix bugs faster. With Airbrake, developers can easily track down problems in their code and spend more time developing. The service offers notifiers for every major programming language and framework, making it easy to install and use.

Airbrake's key features include unlimited errors and events for the first 30-days, quick sign-up, and no credit card required. This makes it easy for developers to get started with the service and see the benefits of error and performance monitoring right away.

With Airbrake, developers can rest assured that their code is being monitored and that they will be notified of any errors or performance issues that arise. This allows them to quickly fix any issues and deploy code with confidence.

In summary, Airbrake is a must-have tool for any developer looking to deploy code without fear and fix bugs faster. Sign up for a free dev account today at and discover the power of Airbrake for yourself.

What are Airbrake features and benefits?

- Error monitoring
- Performance monitoring
- Notifiers available for every major programming language and framework
- Quick installation (in minutes)
- Spend less time tracking down problems and more time developing
- Free dev account for 30-days with unlimited errors and events
- Quick sign-up, no credit card required.

What is Airbrake pricing?

Airbrake pricing:

Free plan for personal projects ($0)

Essential plan for smaller companies & applications ($59/month)

Startup plan for startups & businesses starting to get traction ($129/month)

Growth plan for growing companies & larger applications ($299/month)

Business plan for larger businesses & more robust applications ($599/month)

Integrate Airbrake in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Airbrake in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows developers to receive real-time notifications of errors and performance issues directly in their Slack channels, making it easier for them to quickly identify and fix bugs while reviewing code.

Learn more about Airbrake on the GitHub marketplace.

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Airbrake Error Dashboard provides real-time error alerts and rich contextual data about why errors are occurring

Airbrake Error Dashboard provides real-time error alerts and rich contextual data about why errors are occurring

The Performance Monitoring Dashboard provides a holistic view of your entire app including its code, your production environment, and UX
Airbrake uses breadcrumbs, code snapshots, hotspots, and aggregations to make identifying the source of bugs easier and implementing fixes faster.
Airbrake Deploy Dashboard - Hotspots/insights flag high risk files & errors. Deploy tracking tracks trends, fix bad deploys, and improve code quality.

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