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What is Allstacks Analytics about?

Allstacks Analytics is a value stream intelligence platform that uses machine learning models to analyze software development life cycle (SDLC) data and provide engineering leaders with insights into delivery risks and projected outcomes. By gathering and analyzing past work data and behavior from tools like Jira, GitHub, and Bitbucket, Allstacks can detect context and predict when software will be delivered, as well as identify risks that could delay production.

With Allstacks, engineering leaders can track the status of DORA and SPACE metrics and report on their team's progress in seconds using easy-to-understand visual charts that are designed for both technical and non-technical decision-makers. The platform is easy to set up and can be started in less than two minutes, making it a great solution for teams of any size or complexity.

By using Allstacks, engineering leaders can stop spending time setting up Jira for reporting purposes and instead focus on their work. With its machine learning forecasting engines, Allstacks can provide valuable insights that can help teams deliver software more efficiently and with fewer risks. Try Allstacks Analytics today with a free trial.

What are Allstacks Analytics features and benefits?

List of Allstacks Analytics features:
1. Machine learning models for analyzing SDLC data
2. Value stream intelligence platform for insights across all projects and tools
3. Analysis of past work data and behavior from Jira, GitHub, and Bitbucket
4. Quick setup in less than two minutes
5. Machine learning forecasting engines for predicting software delivery and risks
6. Tracking of DORA and SPACE metrics
7. Easy-to-understand visual charts for reporting progress
8. Suitable for technical and non-technical decision-makers
9. Free trial available.

What is Allstacks Analytics pricing?

The pricing for Allstacks Analytics's limited trial through Github Marketplace is $0.

Integrate Allstacks Analytics in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Allstacks Analytics in Slack with Axolo can help engineering leaders make informed decisions by providing insights into delivery risks and projected outcomes.

Learn more about Allstacks Analytics on the GitHub marketplace.

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