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What is BuildJet about?

BuildJet is a powerful GitHub application that offers high-performing, secure, and cost-effective runners for CI workflows. Unlike GitHub Actions, which rely on old and cheap Azure hardware, BuildJet leverages its custom bare-metal infrastructure and custom VM Hypervisor management solution, specifically designed for the CI use case. This results in faster builds, with CI workflows being on average 2x faster than GitHub Action's built-in runner.

To use BuildJet for GitHub Actions, you need to install it and specify a runner tag in the jobs.[job-name].runs-on property. It is recommended to start with the 4 vCPU runner, which has the same cost as the GitHub runner and serves as a good baseline for comparison. BuildJet offers a complete list of runners to choose from, ensuring that you can select the runner that best suits your needs.

Overall, BuildJet is an excellent choice for businesses that rely on GitHub Actions for their CI workflows. With its superior performance, security, and cost-effectiveness, BuildJet helps businesses streamline their CI workflows and achieve their goals faster.

What are BuildJet features and benefits?

- High-performing runners
- Secure runners
- Cost-effective runners
- Custom bare-metal infrastructure
- Custom VM Hypervisor management solution
- Built specifically for the CI use case
- Faster builds
- 2x faster than GitHub Action's built-in runner
- Specify a runner tag in the jobs.[job-name].runs-on property
- 4 vCPU runner
- Same cost as the GitHub runner
- Complete list of runners available.

What is BuildJet pricing?

BuildJet's pricing includes a free plan with per minute billing, as well as a paid plan that includes 3000 free trial minutes, priced at $0.

Integrate BuildJet in Slack with Axolo

Integrating BuildJet in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for faster code review and testing. BuildJet offers incredibly high-performing runners that are faster than GitHub Actions' built-in runner. By integrating BuildJet with Axolo in Slack, engineers can quickly open ephemeral channels for each pull request and invite the right person to act on the code review, while also running faster builds and tests with BuildJet.

Learn more about BuildJet on the GitHub marketplace.

BuildJet GitHub integration screenshots

BuildJet Dashboard to get an overview of used hardware

BuildJet Dashboard to get an overview of used hardware

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