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What is Bytebase about?

Bytebase is a powerful database change and version control tool designed for developers and DBAs. It offers a range of features that help to detect SQL anti-patterns and enforce a consistent SQL style guide and schema design best practice across the engineering organization. With support for both MySQL and PostgreSQL dialects, Bytebase provides a uniform way to configure the SQL review rules for the two most popular SQL dialects, thereby speeding up the SQL review process.

One of the key benefits of Bytebase is that it provides instant SQL suggestions based on battle-tested different kinds of SQL review rules. These rules cover a wide range of areas, including naming rules, database rules, table rules, column rules, SELECT rules, backward compatibility rules, and database engine-specific rules. The tool is also highly customizable, allowing users to adapt it to their organizational requirements. For example, users can choose to emit error, warning, or just ignore the violation, and many rules also provide knobs to configure the details, such as naming pattern.

Overall, Bytebase is an essential tool for any development team that wants to ensure high-quality SQL code and schema design best practices across their organization. By providing instant suggestions and enforcing consistent rules, it helps to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure that all team members are following the

What are Bytebase features and benefits?

- Detect SQL anti-patterns
- Enforce consistent SQL style guide and schema design best practices
- Support MySQL and PostgreSQL dialects
- Configure SQL review rules for both dialects
- Speed up SQL review process
- Provide instant SQL suggestions based on different kinds of SQL review rules
- Offer naming, database, table, column, SELECT, backward compatibility, and database engine specific rules
- Allow for customization to meet organizational requirements
- Option to emit Error, Warning, or ignore violations
- Many rules include knobs for detailed configuration (e.g. naming pattern)

What is Bytebase pricing?

The pricing for Bytebase's Basic Automated SQL Review is free, with no requirement for a credit card.

Integrate Bytebase in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Bytebase in Slack with Axolo can speed up the code review process and enforce consistent SQL style guide and schema design best practices across the engineering organization.

Learn more about Bytebase on the GitHub marketplace.

Bytebase GitHub integration screenshots

SQL review check

SQL review check

SQL review comment
Configure the SQL review policy

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